Samsung POWERstick Parquet with Soft Action Brush

Samsung POWERstick Parquet with Soft Action Brush
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Ipoint 16,300.00
Soft Action Brush: Soft & Effective cleaning on hard floors
EZClean Dustbin & Brush: Easily remove tangled hair, any dust or debris
Removable battery pack: Lightweight, easy to handle, longer life span cleaning


Soft & effective cleaning on hard floors

Anti-tangle Soft Action Brush

Clean hard floor more efficiently and with less tangles. The Anti-tangle Soft Action Brush is made with soft woven textiles, including anti-static silver. So it picks up fine dust on hard floors and cleans inside the crevices. It also reduces the amount of pet hair getting tangled.


Easily & cleanly remove tangled hair

EZClean Dustbin & Brush (EZClean Technology)

EZClean Technology lets you easily and hygienically remove any trapped dust or debris, including long hairs. To empty the EZClean Dustbin you simply pull a lever and the EZClean Brush easily pulls out from the vacuum cleaner.


Easily clean more hard to reach areas

Long Reach Tool

A Long-reach Tool makes cleaning tiny, narrow, high and hard to reach places much simpler. Just detach it and replace the existing brush to reach deep into small corners and clean high ceilings without stretching.


Extra agile turning, extra easy movement

Easy Handling

An Easy Handling design lets you move and clean much more easily and with little effort. Its 180 degree Swivel Brush can turn sharply around obstacles, so you can get into the smallest spaces.


Surprisingly powerful, thorough cleaning

Extreme Suction Power

Delivers extreme suction power with its powerful 170W motor, which has a suction power that is 3 times stronger than conventional models*. Its 21.6V Li-ion battery also works continuously for up to 30 minutes**.


* Based on internal testing. The suction power was tested compared to the conventional Samsung VC-LSS94 in accordance with the IEC testing method. **Stated run time applies to the minimum power level, using 1 battery which has been fully charged for 3 hours.


Long-lasting battery power with a touch

21.6V Removable Power Pack Battery

A powerful 21.6V Lithium-Ion Removable Power Pack battery provides longer-lasting power and is very lightweight for easier handling. It can also be replaced with one touch, so you never have to pause the cleaning.


* Additional batteries are available for purchase.

Easy to find & use built-in accessories

Built-in Accessories

Includes dusting and crevice cleaning accessories that are built-in to the handle. You can quickly switch to the best tool without wasting time looking for or attaching it – so you can enjoy fast, non-stop cleaning.


Durable & easy to clean washable filter

Durable & Washable Filter

A simple, sponge type foam filter captures more dust and can be easily washed and cleaned. A quick rinse is all it takes to prevent clogging and and help maintain suction power.*


* Based on internal testing. Regular filter washing is required for optimal performance. Refer to the user guide for details.

Slim, light and easy to control & store

Slim & Lightweight Design

Has a slim and lightweight design, weighing just 2.8kg, so it’s simple to control and move around the home with much less effort. And it can be easily stored, as its slim body fits into smaller and narrower areas.


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